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A bodybuilder and her American Bully

Hello! My name is Sarah, Zara’s dog mom. 

Zara was born on April 10, 2021. Often, she gets mistaken for a Pitbull, but she is a pocket-sized American Bully. She was the runt in a litter of 8 and when I first met her, she fell asleep on me. Basically, she chose me and the rest is history!


She is my first dog EVER. Being a first-time dog owner, I did everything I could to find out as much as I could about her breed, from grooming, to diet, to exercise, and so on. Luckily, there is an established American Bully breeder presence online, one of the many resources I used when raising her.

Instagram is a great tool for getting content out there, but I wanted to create another forum, especially with Zara’s IG engagement, for more in depth conversations on raising an American Bully and spreading awareness on the bully breed. I’m still learning the steps on what it takes to raise an American Bully and hope this website will help guide you as well!

Other than being a bully enthusiast/advocate, I am active-duty Lieutenant in the United States Coast Guard, Co-CEO of Thicky Bricky Cookies (stuffed cookie business my husband and I started) and an avid bodybuilder.


About Me


At the end of each quarter, 20% of total proceeds will go towards the "Charity of the Month". The charity of the month will be chosen by the 2buffbitch family on Instagram, in support of ending BSL (bully specific legislation) and helping bully-breed type dogs get adopted in the U.S.



from dog collars, supplies, treats... we have codes for everything! A majority of the businesses we support are small businesses! These amazing people have dedicated so much time and passion towards products for us all, so let's all support them! 

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Thank you for your interest! Please send us a message for any collaborations or questions! Mahalo! 

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