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A New Year of Busyness

Aloha Buff Bitch Ohana,

I just wanted to keep you all posted of our life at this time. From one busy year to the next, we have so many things coming up this year. To start off, I'll be either continuing my service in the military this year or parting ways. I'll be finding out soon what my next assignment will be. Dependent on that, I will either continue or e

nd my service.

In addition to that big decision, my husband and I will be moving from Hawaii...well, I am. My husband is already on the mainland, and Zara and I will soon be joining him and Rollie (our latest addition to our family). We are currently building a house in the Lone Star State. This house will have more room for our fur babies and future babies haha. With us building a house, I will be selling my house.

Once we are reunited, my husband and I will be in prep for a bodybuilding show in September, followed by a wedding in October. We're also going to each be in school again earning our degrees! As you can see, we're just busy bodies. As these

life milestones come, we'll be celebrating and moving on the next.

Thank you so much for always supporting us and our journey! I hope to be a bit more proactive with these blog posts. If you ever have any questions or want more information on specific topics, feel free to shoot me an email or dm and I'll get straight to work!

Much aloha,


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